Tastier mornings start with a Tastebuds subscription.

Toothpaste delivered to your door every 35 days.

Big huge savings. Save 20% with a subscription.

Made with clean ingredients for a clean mouth.

Better taste starts with better toothpaste

To enjoy every moment after brushing your teeth and to avoid that dreaded morning rush scenario. You’ve woken up late and are in a hurry. You enter the bathroom, only to find an empty toothpaste tube sitting on the vanity. With our subscription, that worry becomes a thing of the past. We deliver our SLS-free toothpaste right to your doorstep every 35 days, ensuring you never run out when you need it most.

Quantity – Brushing for a family or household? Select the quantity of toothpaste tubes for your subscription. Start from 1 and grow from there.

Pause – Have too much toothpaste or you are going away? You can pause your subscription whenever you need to. Just log into your account and hit pause and when you are ready for more hit resubscribe, simple! All the flexibility you need for committing to a routine of good taste.

Our base subscription is set up to get a new tube of toothpaste every 35 days, roughly after 70 brushes.

Subscriptions auto-renew, meaning you don’t have to worry about remembering to place an order each time you need a refill.

  • Tastebuds Toothpaste

    Every 5 weeks for $12 (Save 20%)

    Meet the natural toothpaste that naturally cleans your teeth, freshens your breath and keeps you tasting.

    Made without SLS, it won’t make you foam at the mouth, meddle with your tastebuds or spoil your morning coffee.






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