Hey, we’re tastebuds.
A natural toothpaste made by people with good taste.

Every bud has a back story. 

We’ve been working in the coffee industry as coffee roasters and baristas for over 15 years — cupping, brewing and tasting coffee is at the core of our everyday. Our journey in toothpaste started two years ago, when we had a problem around the coffee cupping table. One of the team found that every sample of coffee tasted wrong, however everyone else thought the coffee tasted exactly how it should.

The only thing that changed? The toothpaste they used that morning. Stuffed with SLS, unknowingly the toothpaste had wiped out their tastebuds, so they couldn’t taste the true profiles of the coffee. It clicked for us that most people brush with traditional toothpastes. Like what happened that morning, they had probably never experienced what their coffee should actually taste like.

A PSA for Coffee Drinkers

If you brush with SLS toothpaste, and then brew or buy your coffee, there’s a high chance your experience of flavour has been compromised. People have just accepted that things taste bad after they brush their teeth, but we’ll be the first to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way.

Coffee can taste better, wine can taste finer, and orange juice can taste even sweeter.

Taste better, not bitter.

That’s why we created Tastebuds — an SLS-free, sustainable, and natural toothpaste that freshens your breath and cleans your teeth. But that’s expected. What’s unexpected is that it still gives you that minty mouthfeel of traditional toothpaste, without destroying your tastebuds in the process.

People shake up their entire morning routines to accommodate their coffee rituals. But we believe swapping your toothpaste is the simplest step to maintaining your tastebuds.

Take care of your tastebuds

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